Our Services


Condominium board consulting

Keeping common element fees in check is the #1 priority of all condominiums and while high density living has its challenges, it also has the most opportunity for amazing and positive change. We help find efficiencies, save the corporation big money, make sure your neighbours know each other and ensure your building is the envy of the neighbourhood – increasing your health, safety, property value and chargeable rents.

community development

The deep dive. A complete analysis of your condominium or larger community with detailed discussion of your needs and desires. This is followed by the creation of a blue print for engagement, a plan of implementation and a method to measure results.

Community building Education

Training sessions for condo owners and residents and other community members. This includes the basics of organizing (using traditional and online tools), how to combine the online and the offline through multiple engagement “touch points”, fostering trust through diplomacy, and social media management.

Problem solving

Even in the most highly functioning communities, problems arise. With our expertise, we provide that sounding board that will help YOU fix the issue and build more community in the process.

We never thought we’d find a genuine village community in the heart of a bustling international city. You guys have got something very special here - I think Todd Hofley has done an amazing job of bringing together and helping to build a community. We’re very sad to be returning to London, UK. Thank you, we’ll miss you.
— Tom Fulford